Game features

Dancing on Ice features lots of great gameplay elements that can't be found anywhere else. Here's a summary of some of the best:

Build your own celeb via Character Customisation

Dancing on Ice allows you to create your own celebrity and compete in the 2010 season of everyone's favourite ice dancing extravaganza!

Use the character editor to name your celebrity, decide on their gender, hairstyle, and hair colour, face shape, skin tone and more. Partner with any of our professional skating partners across twelve weeks of intense and glamorous ice dancing competition.

Learn and grow with Weekly Training

Dancing on Ice doesn't begin and end on the weekends for our celebrity skaters. As a contestant in the toughest ice dancing contest on television you'll need to put the hours in, by Training as hard as you can from Monday to Friday.

The first four days of the week will let you practice any of the new moves in your forthcoming routine. Each move has a confidence level of between 0 and 5 stars. Complete moves to build your confidence before each show.

Training isn't compulsory, but you'll need all the help you can get as you head towards the final!

Never fail with the Confidence Meter

By completing unfamiliar moves successfully during Training you can build up your confidence meter. The confidence meter sits at the left of your display and for each move will indicate how happy (or unhappy) you are performing it.

Build enough confidence and on show night your confidence meter will help out if you make mistakes. Any marks that aren't so high will be topped up by your confidence meter, scoring you extra points. The downside is that you'll take a hit in confidence in return. Keep training hard to build confidence and lift that trophy in the final.

Required Elements and the Concentration Meter

From week 3 onwards all of the Dancing on Ice competitors are required to incorporate a Required Element into their routine. These elements are varied and challenging and demand intense concentration and commitment from the skaters.

Use your skill and speed to fill up the Concentration Meter by shaking your Wii Remote Controllers (Wii version), or tapping the Required Element Icon on the Touch screen as quickly as you can (DS version).

Generate enough focus to successfully complete your Required Element and then perform it by completing unique gestures. Required Elements featured in the Dancing on Ice game include:

  • Traverse Lift
  • Toe Step Sequence
  • Pairs Spiral
  • Change of Edge
  • Shadow Spin
  • Chain of Elements
  • Use of Prop (Hat or Chair)
  • Unassisted Jump
  • Solo Spot
  • Headbanger
  • Flying

Perform real ice dancing Gestures

Both versions of Dancing on Ice feature control systems that put you in total control of the ice dancing action.

On Wii, use the Nintendo Wii Remote Controllers to perform twirls, balances, swings, lifts and spins, all in time to a large selection of contemporary and classical music tracks.

On DS, use your stylus to trace and tap out the swerves, spins, lifts and jumps, and test your rhythmical skills to their limits by keeping time to the music in each routine.

Hone your speed-dialing skills in our Phone In game

Once your routine is over the public vote begins, but your work isn't done yet! Use your Wii Remote controller or DS stylus to enter the phone number as many times as you can within the time limit. The more votes you register, the better your chances of surviving the dreaded Skate Off.

Competitive/Cooperative Exhibition Mode

On Wii, Dancing on Ice features a unique co-operative / competitive Exhibition mode, letting you simultaneously partner with (and compete against!) friends or family at the same time.

Use your ice dancing skills to complete gestures with more style and timing than your partner. Compete in any of the routines you've unlocked in The Show mode, using any of the outfits you've earned.

Your all-time high scores are recorded, so get ready to settle old scores and try to outdo each other on the ice time and time again.

DS owners can also enjoy great competitive multiplayer action for two players.